A reindeer hide is a luxurious and natural home interior accessory.  Although reindeer hides are traditionally associated with cold weather due
to the deep pile nature of the rug, they make ideal outdoor Summer accessories too!

Use reindeer rugs outside draped over your garden furniture, as a furry seat rest, or use them as a garden throw for those cooler Summer nights by the barbecue.

Reindeer hides come in many natural shades of greys and browns; sometimes you may come across a white reindeer hide, but they are extremely rare.

Although reindeer hides can be used as a rug, they need to have special precautions taken to maintain their beauty as they are not nearly as durable as cowhides.  To maintain your reindeer hide it should be placed in a low traffic area.

Don’t place your reindeer rug in a hallway or entry way as they are more prone to shedding than cowhides.  The best place to situate them if using them as a rug will be  in a lower foot traffic area where they will not be heavily walked over.

The second consideration to take into account is to keep your reindeer rug away from direct heat sources. Situating a reindeer hide close to a fireplace or underfloor heating is not recommended.  Heat dries out reindeer hides so you may want to spray water onto your reindeer hide with a mist sprayer periodically to prevent excess drying out and shedding of your hide.

Reindeer hides work great with most colour schemes due to their natural colourings.  They are also a great way of introducing texture into a room, as they are tactile, and work great when mixed and matched with other textures and colours.

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