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Cowhide Rugs UK – Fastest Growing Cowhide Site On The Web!

Welcome back to Cowhide Rugs UK, regular blog on all things cowhide. As one of the UK’s fastest growing exclusively internet only importers and retailers

May 10, 2012 Cowhide Rugs
Cleaning A Cowhide Rug 4

Cleaning Tips For A Cowhide Rug Or Cowhide Skin Carpet

Cowhide University articles on all things cowhide continued apace. Cleaning your precious cowhide rug or carpet is of course vitally important to preserve the value

February 04, 2012 All Posts

The Cowhide Skin Patchwork Quilt

Cowhide skins as we well know from Cowhide Rugs UK Cowhide University  is one of the most versatile and durable of naturally occurring materials. The

February 02, 2012 All Posts, Cowhide Rugs

The A – Z Of All Things Cowhide!

At our ever growing Cowhide Rugs UK’s Cowhide University where Cowhide Rugs UK is developing the web’s largest cowhide resource we are busy cooking up

Cowhide – Cutting Edge Contemporary Design

Cowhide has broken out of the historic ghetto of ranching accoutrements and symbolic of its ‘Wild West’ past into one of the funkiest and chicest

Should I Purchase a Cowhide Rug or Piece for my Home Part 2 ?

We began this short article on Cowhide Rugs in Should I Purchase a Cowhide Rug Part 1. Whether decorating a singular area inside a house

January 31, 2012 All Posts

Should I Purchase a Cowhide Rug or Piece for my Home Part 1 ?

Obtaining and putting a cowhide carpet in your house is really a matter of personal choice and personal preference. “Beauty is in the eye of

January 31, 2012 All Posts

The many colours of Cowhide

The Many Colours of Cowhide Cowhide – a perfect rug and colour for any occasion. Here at Cowhide Rugs UK we have one of the

November 24, 2011 All Posts
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