Reindeer Hides Are Becoming A Popular Home Decor Accessory

Incorporating a reindeer hide into your home decorating scheme is a popular way to showcase a gorgeous element of nature in your bedroom, living room, den or home office. Reindeer hides are a by-product of the animal that becomes available after farm-raised reindeer are slaughtered for their meat. Rather than be discarded as waste, reindeer hides are specially treated and are fast becoming coveted as a unique accessory that can be used for purely decorative or practical purposes in the home or office.

The natural coloring inherent in reindeer skin adds a rustic touch to the decor of any room where they are placed as accent pieces. When properly treated, an authentic reindeer hide is an excellent investment, and an artistic decorative piece that can provide a homeowner with many years of enjoyment. Reindeer skins undergo a special treatment process by skilled tanners that enable the hide to be waterproof and suitable for use either inside the home or such outdoor living spaces as porches, patios and garden rooms. Should the hide become damp or moist, it can easily be dried to its original condition without incurring any damage.

Many of the most gorgeous hides are transformed into decorative use as a reindeer rug.  One of the best places to enjoy a reindeer rug is right next to the bed because reindeer hide is well known for its deep plush pile that feels simply luxurious when stepped on with bare feet. The rich colors of the fur also make a nice accent to the decor of the bedroom when the hide is used as a rug. Care should be taken, however, not to use the rug in very high traffic areas because this may ruin the rug’s appearance due to shedding. Exposure to direct heat should also be avoided as this can causing cracking in the hide.

The softness and suppleness of reindeer skin also makes it fabulous to use as a bedcovering or bed throw.  Many individuals keep it handy as to use as a throw in the den for added warmth during cold winter nights. Reindeer hide are available in a variety of sizes, all the way from approximately 10 square feet to very rare hides which measure almost 25 square feet. Large as well as smaller sizes of reindeer hide are perfect for using as dramatic wall hangings and make a stunning visual display when mounted on any wall.

Homeowners searching for a unique natural animal skin to add a touch of rustic energy to any room of the home or outdoor living area should consider the benefits of investing in reindeer hide. From use as an area rug , plush furniture throw or as an artistic wall covering, reindeer hides add beauty and a special elegance to the decor of any home.