The modern design aesthetic emphasises the epitome of cool coupled with our desire for pleasing spaces in which we can lose and also simultaneously find ourselves. This is the modern style considerations that we follow when buying our houses and dressing their interiors and where possible individualising our work spaces so we have a sense of identity and belonging.

This movement of individualism and an overall aesthetic design really started in earnest soon after the First World War and really got into its stride in the 1920’s with the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. The look, form feel and texture of a space and its objects became important and the overall holistic feel of a space was the most important factor. It will come as no surprise that we at Cowhide Rugs UK feel that cowhide rugs and cowhide carpets as well as other cowhide accessories have an important part to play in this design movement and contemporary fashion styles and tastes underline this. As part of Cowhide Rugs popular Cowhide University series of articles on all things cowhide we are proud to bring you our latest article on cowhide – How to Make Cowhide Animal Skins work in Modern Interior Design which details the history and design considerations when using this wonderful material.

Cowhide Rugs UK’s classic and ever growing range of affordable chromium tanned, South American cowhide rugs and carpets and cowhide accessories are of course a perfect accompaniment when deigning and dressing your new cutting edge contemporary space. Welcome aboard to the Good Ship Cowhide and the Great British Cowhide Revolution.