When you are seeking to add natural comfort and style to your home’s living spaces, animal skin rugs are an excellent choice. Natural skins including reindeer hides, cow hides and sheep skins are as warm as they are beautiful. You can use these versatile skins as rugs or for throws on your furniture. The natural colors and markings on these animal skin rugs add texture to your home, and provide you with decades of regular use. Consider these benefits of each type of animal skin rugs as you consider which type will be the best for your home decorating and comfort needs.

Cow Hide Rugs
A natural cow hide rug is attractive and long lasting. Cow hide rugs are available in many natural colors, including combinations of black and white, golden brown and brown and white. The rugs can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your decorative needs. There is nothing quite like a beautiful cow hide rug placed in front of a rustic or modern fire place to create a cozy and comfortable area for relaxation. These naturally hypoallergenic rugs are easy to care for, as just a small amount of warm water with a biodegradable detergent can get out most stains, and air drying is ideal after cleaning the hide. Once each week, shake out the rug or carefully vacuum it with the wand attachment.

Reindeer Hide Rugs
A reindeer hide rug is a lovely addition to your master bedroom, and it also makes an excellent throw for your reading nook, day bed or living room. The natural thickness and density of reindeer hides make them an ideal choice for chilly wintertime nights in your home, or an evening on your patio while gazing at the stars. Both the fur side and the skin side of a reindeer hide rug are soft to the touch and gentle on your skin. Reindeer hide rugs and throws feature a waterproof treatment that repels water, and you can simply hang the rugs up over a sturdy chair or clothes line to allow them to air dry. You may select a reindeer hide rug in natural colors such as dark brown, light brown, grey or white. These rugs have natural variations in the colors, which makes each piece unique.

Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin rugs are soft, plush and inimitably comfortable under your bare feet. These warm and cozy rugs make an ideal place for children to engage in creative play. The rugs are also great for an intimate dinner for two in front of the fireplace. Sheepskin rugs are carefully combed so that the fibers are long and straight, which makes them light and airy. These rugs are machine washable, which means that you can allow your children or even your pets to snuggle into them without worrying about smells or stains. Available in natural shades of cream, brown, beige and variegated colors, there is certain to be a sheep skin rug to compliment the decor of your living space.