When you come in from the cold all you can think of is warming up. Maybe you sit by a fire or drink a hot cup of tea or coffee. How do you warm up your cold toes? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a snuggly soft rug to sink your toes into?

When you purchase a sheepskin rug your toes can curl into supreme softness and silky warmth. Natural sheepskin provides a cozy cover against the chill of winter. Whether you choose to put your rug on the floor, in front of a favorite chair, or you decide to use it as a blanket, the warmth will envelope you in comfort.

Sheepskin rugs are luxurious as well as practical. The top quality rugs are even machine washable for easy cleaning. These beautiful rugs have been around for centuries, enjoyed for their ability to keep the cold away. Today, their popularity is on the rise again, in part due to new colors, sizes and easy care. They can also be matched with almost any decor from homey to chic.

Sheepskins are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors for different tastes and functions. You may choose to place single sheepskin rugs in front of your rocking chair to create a cozy reading area. Quad sheepskins are actually four sheepskins that have been skillfully sewn together. These larger rugs (195 x 115 cm) are wonderful to spread out in front of the sofa or fireplace. Children will love to curl up on these super soft rugs while they play with their toys.

The largest sheepskin rugs will add a snug feeling in larger rooms. Add them to the foot of your bed or spread them over the sofa for a quick way to stop the chill when temperatures plummet. The sexto sheepskins are 200 x 150 cm of sumptuous wooly comfort. Wrap up in it and read your favorite book. The fur will be a thermal layer against any cold. These large rugs are made from six sheepskins expertly sewn together to look like one large skin. They come in a variety of colours like:


  • white
  • black
  • oyster
  • champagne
  • chocolate
  • slate


Quad rugs have similar colour options and include cappucino and brown taupe in addition to the white and black rugs. These colours warm up a room and add a cozy element, while still remaining a classy touch. The bold black and whites go well with modern furnishings. Mix and match the colors, using the woolly fur to bring texture to a room.

Remember, you don’t have to fear getting these rugs dirty. They are machine washable. Use them with confidence and pride. These beautiful rugs are sturdy and functional, too. Unlike a prized vase that has to be constantly moved to ‘safe’ areas when children visit, you can welcome in the kids and the grandkids with these rugs.

Let Old Man Winter blow and rage. You will be ‘snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug’ with one of these sheepskins.