A shearling gilet is a wonderfully versatile, warm wardrobe essential. As many people have found over the years, the Toscana gilet is a great thing to wear as it is reversible and luxurious. When looking for a sheepskin gilet, it’s a good idea to think about a whole look. You want all aspects of your choice to work in harmony. Accessories are just as important as the gilet itself. You want to pick out accessories that help show off the lovely fit of the gilet, draw attention to your best features and help you stay warm even when it gets really cold outside. The right accessories can really set off the outfit with the gilet and make you feel wonderful whether you’re on your way to work or heading off for the perfect ski weekend.

Start With Your Head

When thinking about the right kind of accessories for your gilet, it’s a good idea to start with your head. You want to have a hat that pairs well with the gilet. Look for hats that are thick to help call to mind the thick warmth of the gilet. You also want to have other kinds of accessories that look equally good. For example, a scarf made in a lovely fabric like cashmere is the ideal thing to use with the luxurious gilet. Marino wool is also ideal. A warm merino wool scarf and hat pair well with the plush warm of your gilet and help give you added protection against the cold weather.

Boots For the Gilet

Another important element when choosing a gilet is your feet. You want to protect your feet against the cold. Cold water can get on your feet and then splash on your gilet. Protect your body and your feet with a stylish pair of boots. Leather boots work well with sheepskin. The natural leather material helps bring out the sheen in the gilet and makes the look work well from all angles. A pair of boots should fit well on your feet, allowing you to move easily through ice and snow inside to your house or office. Look for boots in the same color as the gilet. Dark colours look great when the rest of the outfit is in lighter, more neutral colors.

A Total Look

Above all, it’s best to aim for a total look when looking for accessories that fit in with the sheepskin gilet. Each part of the look should work well both indoors and when outside. A good pair of gloves and a matching hat are useful on a cold day with your gilet. A nice bag in a lovely material like leather also works well when paired with a Toscana gilet. Look for bags that aren’t too heavy. Jewelry can be just as bold as the gilet. A large necklace and some statement earrings are great if you want to go bold and have fun when you’re out in the cold but you still want to look very stylish.