Cowhide Rugs: The Natural & Low Maintenance Option

If you could minimize the amount of maintenance that goes into keeping your rugs in good condition, would you do it?

If your answer’s yes, take a close look at cowhide rugs. These products offer a distinct accent, providing both a modern and old fashioned feel to any environment. It’s a natural byproduct and promises to make a great centerpiece in any décor. People who have purchased a cowhide rug appreciate it for everything from its beauty and versatility to its easy maintenance.

Here are some top and practical reasons why cowhide is becoming the material of choice for rugs.

Cowhide’s versatility makes it a draw for many homeowners. They love the fact it can decorate their walls as well as floors. Cowhides come in a range of colors, natural and dyed, but still manage to maintain nature’s tapestry. The appearance of any couch or chair can be highlighted by these rugs, adding a little country to the surroundings.

Managing cowhide rugs doesn’t require a lot of work. Shake or vacuum to remove dust and debris. Use a hard plastic brush to maintain softness and fluffiness of hairs while removing dirt. Relatively resistant to liquids, cowhide can be cleaned with an absorbent paper towel or sponge. That includes wine, coffee, juice, tea, soups and even food.

The average rug can get debris, dust mites and allergens ingrained into its fabric. This is why they need vacuuming, shampooing and professional cleaning. As a hypo-allergenic product, a good quality cowhide rug does not absorb odors the way most rugs do. You will not be sniffing the air wondering what that smell is, constantly vacuuming to get out odors or spraying the air to sanitize the room.

If you want to give your surroundings a more natural and organic look, you won’t do better than cowhide. Available in a range and combination of sizes, colors and shapes, the nature of the rugs make no two alike. This is because cowhide is engineered from breeds that typically has its unique set of colors. That means every single cowhide rug will add a touch of original and natural beauty to a room.

Leather is one of the most durable materials around, that makes rugs made from cowhide something that can be enjoyed for long periods without a lot of care. They will always be pliable, comfortable and soft to the touch.

Extreme versatility, easy maintenance, hypoallergenic and fragrance free, all-natural material and a long lasting performance. There aren’t too many products that can guarantee all this. But cowhide rugs certainly can. You’re not going to find a better or safer accent for every room of the house.