Get Hot with Hide – Wood and Stone Floor Highlight

A beautiful wood or stone floor deserves more than just a scatter rug. Colour, alone will never bring out the luster, or attention, deserved. If you are looking for a different type of highlight for your floor, look at the great selection of cowhide rugs. Hides are the hottest trend on the market today, and for good reason.

Allergens Be Gone

Did you know that cow skin is hypo-allergenic? Even those that cannot bear to be around cat and dog dander will have no adverse affects from a cowhide rug. One of the most natural ways of dressing your home, the longevity is a major asset. Unlike synthetic products that shed, lose their form and show signs of wear, cowskin rugs stay soft, shapely, and allergen-free for many, many years.

Artistic Texture and Color

The right texture, used against a stone or wood floor, can add depth to an otherwise, boring area. Just like a vase, filled with fresh flowers, the atmosphere is immediately changed to an uplifting status. An entryway is the perfect spot for announcing your home. Soft and naturally colorful, guests will want to remove their shoes at the front door, just to experience the feel of this unique cow skin.

How Cowhide Rugs are Made

Everyone has seen the natural beauty of cow skin, with highlights of white, brown and black. Some hides are solid in color, while others have blotchy tones that create a beautiful design. However, when still on the animal, the fibers of the fur are bristly and thick. A special chromium curing process takes away the stiffness and leaves a flexible softness, without removing the quality and appearance.

Placement of Cowhide Rugs

Any area where a dazzling touch of color is needed, will accept a cowhide rug. By placing in an open area, like a foyer or hallway, your cow skin will add dominance to an otherwise dull space. You can also bring a room together by placing under a coffee table or sprawled in front of a fireplace, for a touch of intrigue and artistic flavor.

Cowskin rugs are an affordable and attractive way to keep a natural feel to a contemporary, rustic or modern decor. If you have been looking for a way to bring a different type of atmosphere to a room or open area, look at the many different varieties of cowhide rugs available today. Resilient and long-lasting, a cow skin requires little maintenance and will leave a lasting impression on family and friends.