Your cowhide rug will quickly become one of your most prized posessions so you will more than likely want to treat it with the utmost care and respect so you can cherish it for many years to come.  Cowhide rugs can last for years with minimal upkeep, and the good news is it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to keep your cowhide rug in tip-top shape.  By following these simple tips you will ensure your cow hide stays looking great for many years to come.

To remove debris, dust and loose particles from the hide give the hide a periodical shake outside to restore an invigorating freshness to the hide.  You may also vacuum the cowskin with the attachment but be sure to vacuum in the direction of the hair to prevent any inwanted hair loss.  This can be done on a weekly basis to ensure your rug stays looking sleek.

Cowhide is a great material to have in homes with children and dogs as they are very difficult to stain. If you do spill something on your cowskin you may remove it with a weak cleaning solution such as diluted dish soap and warm water. Apply the mixture to the cowskin with a damp cloth and gently rub in the direction of the hairs to remove the stain.  You may periodically wash your rug down this way to keep it fresh. Be sure to use a damp cloth as opposed to a wet cloth as it is not good to get your hide totally wet.

To prevent any colour loss or fading of your hide be sure to keep the rug away from direct sources of light such as next to a window.  Sunlight can fade the hide so we recommend placing your cowskin in the centre of the room to prevent this happening.

For further information about cowhide rugs and how to care for them be sure to view our section onsite devoted to cowhide rugs and how to care for them.

photo credit: shelly kennedy/drooz studio via photopin cc