Out of all the natural skins available for home furnishing, sheepskin rugs are probably one of the most widely used and popular to this day. Their natural colours, deep-pile texture and warming properties make them an ideal choice for use in your home.  Sheepskin rugs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from the single sheepskins to octo sheepskin rugs which are huge making them ideal for larger areas.

Here at cowhiderugs.co.uk we stock sheepskin rugs in two sizes; single and quarto.  As the name suggests, the quarto sheepskins are four single sheepskins sewn together and make ideal accent rugs or sofa throws.  The single sheepskin rugs are available in natural cream, or chocolate and look fabulous placed on the end of a bed or sofa.  We stock only the finest quality Australian sheepskins, all of which have been tanned to ensure quality and durability.  For added convenience our sheepskin rugs are fully machine washable so your sheepskin can be kept looking in tip-top condition, and most importantly will last for many years.

Besides being great in a living room, sheepskin rugs are ideal for bedrooms, children’s rooms, and one use you may not have considered is using them in your pets bed or basket. They make an ideal pet bed/basket liner as they are super-cosy and comfortable. Your pet dog or cat will love the soft, tactile qualities of a sheepskin rug, and with many of them being machine washable it makes them an ideal solution for this use.

Sheepskin rugs are likely to be a big hit with your children too for many of the same reasons stated above. Kids love the soft fur of sheepskins and will enjoy snuggling up on a sheepskin rug to listen to their favourite bedtime story.

Our sheepskin rugs start at just £49.00 for a single chocolate or ivory sheepskin, and go up to £199.00 for one of our quarto rugs.  For further details or to purchase one of these traditional favourites visit our website and browse the sheepskin rug section to see our choice.