Reindeer hide with its long fur

Reindeer hide with its long fur

Reindeer hide carpets are becoming significantly widely used as an alternative to old-fashioned rugs and carpets or as an unusual design and style choice when requiring something unique to the much more well-known cowhide rug or carpet. This brief write-up should make clear the straightforward ways needed to retain the carpet in pristine condition following purchase.

Reindeer hide carpets are tanned to maintain and take care of the  proteins within the hide and next are generally silicone coated in order to help to make them water-proof and therefore suitable for use both indoors as well as out. When several simple steps are carried out on a regular schedule then reindeer hide carpets should certainly last and supply enjoyment for  many years to come.

Reindeer carpets are commonly regarded as being a generally ornamental product for the house and hence these kind of hides should not be frequently walked on or sat on for lengthy periods of periods of time if they are to maintain their particular original perfect condition throughout their life.

If looked after thoroughly a reindeer hide carpet should last for very many years. At first the hide is likely to moult by shedding some of its fur and this ought to be regarded as being fairly normal. All you will need to do is to shake the hide outside the house every few days. After 2 or 3 weeks the hair on the hide should really settle down to some extent and one will need to shake this out less often. As reindeer hides are somewhat waterproof naturally they can easily be used both inside and outside your home. Nevertheless if the hides do get damp they should be allowed to dry out out naturally –  ideally in bright sunshine which in addition acts to naturally sanitize the hide.

We will conclude this article on maintaining Reindeer hides in part 2 in our next blog entry.

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