Our sister cowhide site City Cows has a special Christmas sale now on – so not only are their cowhide skin rugs and cowhide accessories on sale but also their A-quality grade, silicon treated Reindeer skin hides as well. These wonderfully luxurious, deep pile reindeer hides can be used as reindeer rugs or throws for furniture and are suitable for use both indoors and out.

So why not take a look over at our City Cows reindeer hide page and see why reindeer skins are the web’s fastest rising, must-have, animal skin décor home accessory.

Here at Cow Hide Rugs keep watching our cowhide site as we also have our best ever Christmas sale on our high quality, chromium tanned, South American cowhide rugs and cowhide accessories at the keenest cowhide prices anywhere. Come and join our hundreds of satisfied cowhide customers and see why our customers keep coming back for more.

To celebrate the City Cows reindeer skin hide sale we have created a short You Tube video on our Cow Hide Rugs UK dedicated cowhide video channel! Enjoy !