The Berber culture is rooted in the norther region of Africa. The people lived in various communities throughout the northern Africa region. The group resides in areas like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Niger, and Maurentania. This culture is credited with the introducing the very popular Berber rug.

What is a Berber rug?

The Berber rug is a hand-woven piece with roots in North Africa. The authentic, signature loop pile gives it a distinct appearance reminiscent of the earliest Berber rugs found in the ancient culture of North Africa. The traditional appeal and intricate designed has made it one of the most sought out rug varieties around. Today, the Berber rug is most often classified as a rug with intricate, unique looping design.

The history of the Berber rug?

Berber rugs are hand-woven with a loop pile style. The appearance of it is described as having a light appearance with speckled drops of brown and gray throughout. The Berber tribe of North Africa made the looped rugs by hands, using only the highest quality of wool materials. The distinct knots formed reflect the group’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Carefully made and looped by hand, the Berber rug today carries many of the same attributes of rugs produced by the Berber tribe.

Berber rugs today

Berber rugs today come in more varieties. The looped style characteristics have remained consistent, but the color options vary. There are flecked options that offer the unique, speckled experience. There are also multi-colored varieties that create more design options. There are even solid color designs available. The Berber rug of today can be matched to a range of style preferences now that more color options are available. They are manufactured with wool, cotton and blends.

Unique attributes

The traditional Berber rug is known for its looped characteristics. The high pile rug offers a luxurious feel, often comparable to the experience of walking on air. While the loop style is consistent, no two rugs are the same. In purchasing a rug, the buyer can expect to get a truly unique, one-of-a-kind type of rug.

Why do people prefer Berber rugs?

In high traffic areas, these rugs maintain their appearance and footprints are far less likely to show. They maintain their original appearance in being highly resistant to matting if style with smaller looping is chosen. They are perfect for high traffic areas in that they are resistant to crushing from heavy traffic volume. They are guaranteed to have a distinct appearance. The higher quality looped Berber rugs are far more durable. Staining is less prevalent with this type of rug because the stains tend to settle on top of the loops. This makes treating a stain that much easier. If the rugs become soiled, the soiling is masked by the fibers and difficult to detect. When the area is vacuumed, no marks are left.

Consumers have quite a few options when it comes to selecting the perfect traditional Berber rug. Consumers can choose between either low or high pile varieties. Materials such as wool, nylon, triexta, olefin, polyester and blends can be used. The highest quality Berber rugs made from hand retain their original appearance for years to come. Available at different price points, most people can find the right Berber rug for their budget.