The Five Main Benefits Of Cowhide
A cowhide rug provides a subtle accent that reflects a preference for a comfortable way of living, suitable for any home or apartment. As a natural byproduct, it is a majestic example of nature’s beauty that fits nicely as a centerpiece in every décor. Qualities of cowhide rugs that appeal to owners include their natural beauty and their versatility, their hypo-allergenic characteristics, easy maintenance and ability to last for years.

Appeal of Natural Beauty
Many patterns in nature appeal to people for their unique combination of shapes and colors. Cow hides have a variety of combinations of those qualities that makes each one unique. Some may incorporate similar tones of black and white, but there are not two that are the same. Breeds tend to use colors that distinguish them from others, usually consisting of solid black, white, brown and gray. The size of the magnificent animal that typically has a large size and girth makes it possible to obtain rugs that can adorn any space that an owner prefers.

Versatile Uses in a Home
Wall hangings are as attractive as a framed painting, and they reflect well on an owner’s taste in interior decorating. Rugs are an excellent use for cow hide as they provide a soft and comfortable place for feet to stand, but they are probably more visible on a wall. A visitor or a family member can enjoy a full view of nature’s tapestry when it is used as a wall hanging. A leather chair is appropriately accented with a cowhide rug used as a throw, adding a rustic air of authenticity to a room decorated in a country style.

Tough as Leather
Cow hide is extremely durable, and its reputation is well known for toughness. The soft and pliable feel of cow hide when it is turned into a rug may come as a pleasant surprise to anyone who is unfamiliar with it.

Easy Care of a Natural Product
Cowskin rugs are easy to clean with a damp sponge, and it responds well to a good shaking to fluff the thick coat. Even if a spill lands on it, all that is needed to make it look new again is a wipe down with a mild soap and warm water. An investment in a unique miracle of nature is an affordable one that adds beauty to a home.

Easy to Breathe
Offering no challenge to anyone who may have concerns about allergic reactions, the rugs are hypo-allergenic and free of fragrance. They are remarkably beautiful in a variety of colors and patterns, adding grace and charm to a home.

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