There are several reasons why a cowhide rug is a good choice for home use. It is an ideal rug to use in high traffic areas such as a family room, because the natural hide is extremely durable. The cow skin will not shed or wear thin from extended use. The cowskin is also great for rooms which have hard floor surfaces because it creates a barrier between the surface of the floor and bare feet. This barrier creates warmth and comfort for the floor which also benefits the utility usage of the home.

The comfort provided by cowhide rugs is another reason why they make good rugs for the home. People can sit or lie on the rugs without feeling uncomfortable. A rug placed in front of a fireplace can provide a nice area for relaxation. Households with pets will find their pets also like the soft texture of the cowhide skin rugs. The natural cushioning these rugs provide will make provide comfort even for older pets who suffer with arthritis.

The durability and comfort of the cowskin rugs is equaled by the beauty they bring to a room. The rugs are available in assorted colors and shapes that can enhance any area they are used in. The natural free form shapes combined with the natural black and white colors can significantly enhance a room designed with country themed décor. The black and white colours can also be used in modern rooms where the furnishings are either all in white or all in black. The classic black and white design will enhance the visual appeal of a living room or home office furnished with black leather chairs and sofas.

Natural cow hide rugs can also be purchased with designs made to replicate the hides of other animals. The zebra print cowhide rug is a classic style which can be used in a recreation room, family room or bedroom. The artistic style of the checkerboard rug can also be used in a bedroom, office or family room. The deep rich colors of this design add a sophisticated look to the rooms they are used in.

Rugs made of natural cow skin are also one hundred percent hypoallergenic. This means they will not irritate the skin or lungs of people who suffer from allergies. As natural animal skins the rugs are not constructed from synthetic fibers which can become airborne and irritate people who have allergies to dust and other small particles. The rugs are also easy to maintain with routine vacuuming and are safe to use in children’s rooms.