A chap from the city was driving down a country road when his automobile conked out and came to a complete stop close by a field full of cows. The driver got out of his car to see what was problem when he noticed one of the cows looking straight at him.
I think the problem lies with your radiator,” said the cow. The man jumped back in amazement at hearing a cow speak and he ran at some speed to the nearest farm and knocked hurriedly on the farmhouse door.
“A cow has just given me advice about my car!” he panickedely screamed, pointing his hands toward the field. The farmer slowly came out from behind the door to have a look at the field. “Was it the cow with has two big black marks ?”  He asked.
“Yes! Yes! That was the cow!” the driver replied. “Oh. Right  that would be  Ethel,” the farmer replied back whilst turning towards the man. “Don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know anything about cars.”