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Cartoon about Cow Hide

There are not many cartoons about cow hides – believe me I’ve looked long and hard to see if this lovely product – cow hides

August 28, 2011 All Posts

What a cow hide rugs says about you

  Are you what you own ?  Why do you decide to buy something ? What does it say about you ? What image do

August 27, 2011 All Posts

Cow hide for walking in rather than walking on – the Cow Hide Clog

Cow hide is a remarkably versatile natural hard wearing material and here at Cow Hide Rugs we are constantly astonished as the myriad uses that

August 27, 2011 All Posts

New Video for Cow Hide Rugs UK

Here at Cow Hide Rugs UK we are very proud to announce the launch of a new You Tube video channel devoted to all things

August 27, 2011 You Tube

Why your dog will love a cow hide rug

It’s not just you that will love adding a cow hide rug to your house and home but if you have a pet then they

August 26, 2011 All Posts

Some uses for a dead cow which isn’t a cow hide rug

At Cow Hide Rugs UK we prefer to use our cow hides to produce beautiful and long lasting cow hide rugs , cow hide accessories

August 25, 2011 All Posts

Making a fashionable shoulder bag out of a cow hide rug – Video !

At Cow Hides UK blog we like to keep our blog readers informed about all things cow hide and cow hide accessories. This includes where

August 25, 2011 All Posts

There are two kinds of cow hide people in the world !

The world can be divided into two kinds of people those that have bought a cow hide rug or cow hide accessory and those that

August 25, 2011 All Posts
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